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UIWidgets 0.8 released

See release notes for info.

Posted by Billard Gael 2007-02-14

UIWidgets 0.8 RC1 released

See release notes for details

Posted by Billard Gael 2007-02-09

UIWidgets v0.7.3 released

Complete rewrite of progress bar using Yahoo UI library.
This fix some UI bugs that occured on resize or scroll. The progress bar are now fully cutomizable via CSS (class or style definition).

Posted by Billard Gael 2007-01-05

UIWidgets 0.7.1 released

Fixed minor memory leak that may occured on long time use.

Posted by Billard Gael 2006-01-23

UIWidgets 0.7

Changed xslt comboBox attribute to css.
Otherwise no changes since 0.7b3.

No upgrade planned for instance because I'll spend my free time playing a little with civilization IV...

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-11-08

UIWidgets v0.7.b3 released

Improved IE compatibility and found some workaround for a strange IE behavior that prevent hover CSS style to be used on combo elements.
Tried to manage table border (bug ?) under IE that make selection panel to be misspositionned when comboBox is placed inside a table.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-10-27

UIWidgets v0.7.b2 released

Updated comboBox tag. There is still minor display bug on window resize.
Fix warning for progressBar tag.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-10-25

UIWidgets v0.7.b1 released

Added a comboBox tag.
It currently work only in firefox because internet explorer does not even want to load the javascript file and I really don't know why !
There is some minor display issues to fix before investigating the IE behavior and for this I have to find some tools to allow this kind of work with IE.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-10-21

UIWidgets 0.6 released

Added a "titled panel tag" to create panel with a title bar and icon. The panel can be collapse to the size of the title.
Added a titled panel group that allow to manage several titled panels in order to have only one (eventually) to be opended at a time and / or grouped in the same area.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-09-20

UIWidgets 0.5 released

Updated ProgressBar tag to use AJAX technolofy.

Fixed event handling for wizzard tag (still a minor annoyance under firefox when mouse move over iframe : event is fired for iframe only). This happend if mouse is moved too quickly on resize.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-09-12

UIWidgets 0.5.b2 released

Fixed progressBatTag to be AJAX compliant.
Improved wizzard management (still a minor bug on IE for resize and sometime for move too).

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-09-02

UIWidgets 0.5.b1

Added "wizzard" tag (as installShield for example) using AJAX technology.
Wizzard can be moved, resized, reduced, restored, closed. And action such "next" or "previous" are managable by the java model (server side).

Start to update progressBar to be AJAX compliant.

War now include demo source.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-08-16

UIWidgets 0.4.3

Same as 0.4.2 but fix war content.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-07-27

UIWidgets v0.4.2 released

TreeNodeRenderer : use default icon on unselectable nodes.

next major release will (if every things goes ok) include a wizzard tag that will be able to handle a wizzard style flow (i.e: displayed data depends on user selection / input).

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-07-27

Released v0.4.1

Improved ResourceServer to allow user defined class to serve resources.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-07-26

UIWidgets v0.4 released

Added a listTag.
Fixed minors bugs in others.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-03-01

UI Widgets tags v0.3

Improved tree renderring system.
Added ImageServerServlet to acces image located inside classpath from web client (usefull for default icons).

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-01-24

progressBar v0.1 added

Implementation for a progressBar has been released in UI Widgets tags.

Tags can now render a tree and a progressBar.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-01-13

Tree v0.1 release

A new version that contains code to render a Tree has been released.

Posted by Billard Gael 2005-01-11

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