#8 Convert QMainWindow->JFrame and QDialog->JDialog

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I'd like to have uic converting my QMainWindows and QDialogs to the corresponding JFrame and JDialog classes in Java instead of JPanels. In addition, it should set the window title according to the caption which has been set in Qt designer.
I attached an ugly hack which implements this feature (at least it works for me).


  • Bernhard Stiftner

    A patch which makes uic convert QDialogs to JDialogs and QMainWindows to JFrames

  • Thomas Zander

    Thomas Zander - 2004-11-25

    Logged In: YES

    As you can imagine; the patch has not been used in our codebase.
    I did fulfill the JDialog question making all QDialog
    extending widgets now generate JDialog extending classes.

    The QMainWindow will not generate a JFrame since the
    QMainWindow has lots of extra functionality which better
    maps to uic.widgets.MainWindow. (which is build in a JFrame

    Therefor half of your request has been implemented in CVS,
    the MainWindow part has not, it requires a lot of work on a
    correct QMainWindow builder.


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