Hammer of Thyrion (uHexen2) 1.5.5 is released

Version 1.5.5 of Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion (uHexen2) is released.
This is new release fixes several bugs, improves Mac OS X support and
adds a few new features among other things. All users are encouraged
to upgrade.

Uploaded the full sources, as well as win32, win64, dos, linux-x86,
linux-x86_64 and Mac OS X binary packages, here:
Packages for Amiga variants (AROS, MorphOS) and others should follow
shortly. We'd also like to have linux-ppc rpms or tarballs if anyone
can prepare them for us.

The changes since the previous release are as follows:

* Utils (light, vis, jsh2color): Added unix pthreads support for running
multi-threaded. Enabled windows multi-threads on all platforms instead
of alpha-only. Default is single-threaded. Use "-threads #" to specify
the required number of threads. (max: 32. -1 tries to autodetect.)

* Utils, qbsp: Added a command line option "-oldhullsize" to replicate
the old h2utils/qbsp behavior of using the original hexen2 sizes for
hulls #5 and #6, not H2MP ones, if so needed.

* Utils, hcc: Added a command line option "-old" to replicate old hcc
versions' behavior of allowing the STR_ constants be saved globals and
letting precache_file() calls go into progs.dat, if so needed.

* Utils, dcc: Some small fixes. Added new command line options -fields,
-functions, -globaldefs, -prglobals, -statements and -strings, which
dump the related information.

* Utils, all: Some fixes/improvements to command line options handling.

* Support for the rarely used progs version 7 spec with 32 bit offsets
instead of 16 bit of the original version 6: The engine can run both
with v6 as well as with v7 progs. The hcc and dhcc tools are changed
to compile the progs as v6 whenever possible for compatibility, or as
v7 otherwise. they can also be made to compile specifically v6 or v7
progs by the new command line options -v6, -v7, or -version <n>. The
dhcc tool can now decompile both v6 and v7 progs.

* Fixed a respawn-after-death issue which sometimes rendered the player
unable to move backwards, or unable to use certain inventory items, or
several other weird effects (bug #2176023.) The bug was there since
the original hexen2 source release.

* New quake2-style noclip movement. (from Fitzquake; configured by new
cvar sv_altnoclip, enabled by default.)

* Client: Fixed a demo playback failure when certain conditions are met.

* Client: Fixed a minor and rare intermission glitch.

* Client: unbindall before loading stored bindings (configurable by new
cvar cfg_unbindall, enabled by default.)

* SDL, keyboard input: Fixed control-character handling in unicode mode.

* All, keyboard input: Several tweaks.

* Software renderer: Disabled progress bars drawing, as it was reported
to cause excessively long load times on some systems. Disabled the
rotating skull drawing during file i/o.

* Software renderer: Fixed occasional crash when sprites rendered very
close to the camera origin, such as the teleportation puff. (used to
happen mostly in 64 bit builds. bug #3562290.)

* OpenGL: Fixed a crash in texture resampling code with 3d hardware max
texture size greater than 1024 and wide-enough textures.

* Windows: Removed hooks for QHOST, which is (was) a proprietery server
administation tool.

* Mac OS X: packages now have ogg/vorbis and mp3 music playback support.

* Mac OS X: New MIDI driver.

* Mac OS X: Support for text paste from OS clipboard to console. Support
for the Apple (Command) key.

* Mac OS X: Support for building using the makefiles and cross-compiling
from Linux.

* MorphOS builds: added missing -noixemul to the compiler flags.

* MorphOS, AROS, Amiga: Support text paste from OS clipboard to console.

* All platforms, gameplay: fixed bug in original hexen2 hcode which used
to cause weapon switching to get stuck if several weapons were picked
up too fast. fixed a minor bug in assassin's fourth weapon in powered
mode. cleaned up weapon cycling code, minor fixes/clean-ups in weapon
selection. fixed cube of force, so that it doesn't attack the player's
own summoned imp anymore. several other hcode cleanups.

* All platforms, hexenworld: pak4.pak from the ancient beta 0.11 version
is now recognized properly.

* All platforms, h2patch: Simplifications.

* Windows: support for Visual Studio 2012.

* All: Incremented versions for hexen2 engine to 1.27, hexenworld engine
to 0.27, and gamecode version to 1.27.


Posted by Ozkan Sezer 2013-01-08

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