#19 using joyadvaxisz for vertical movement


For swimming and noclipping.

Some joysticks have up to 6 axis, like 3D Connexion's 3dmice. It would be nice to use joyadvaxisz for vertical movement.
With the associated variables joyupsensitivity , joyupthreshold, and cl_upspeed.

Darkplaces source-port added this to the Quake1 engine, and Quake2 and Kingpin both have support for this out of the box.
Quake2 and Kingpin also activate jump and crouch when the vertical threshold is passed.

It would be fantastic if HexenII: Hammer of Thyrion could enable this feature as well! It would make playing much more enjoyable.
Thanks for your consideration!


  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2011-08-02

    joystick AxisUp patch for hexen2

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2011-08-02

    glh2 test build for win32 with joystick AxisUp patch applied

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2011-08-02

    I made a direct port of quake2 AxisUp code to hexen2: See attached joy-win32-AxisUp.patch file for the source changes, which are _not_ applied mainstream, yet. I attached a glh2.exe for win32 built with the AxisUp patch applied: please test it to verify that it works properly (I don't have a joystick, therefore I can't test.) To test, please take the latest official beta hexen2-1.5.0-rc5-win32.zip and replace glh2.exe with the one attached here.

    If you confirm, then I can apply the source changes and they will be available in the next release.

  • Gman

    Gman - 2011-08-03

    Awesome, it works great, thanks! joy_upsensitivity and joy_upthreshold both work correctly also. Might want to remove the underscore from the names just for consistency. Works for noclipping and swimming.

    Not a big deal, but Quake2 also had a feature where passing the joy_upthreshold triggered either a jump or a crouch depending on the direction. However, the vertical control while swimming and noclipping is the important aspect.

    Thanks again for adding the feature!

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2011-08-03
    • milestone: --> Next_Release
    • status: open --> closed
  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2011-08-03

    At svn rev. 4196, I applied the patch with the underscore removed from user-visible cvar names. Thanks.


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