Added external texture support

  • ralph engels

    ralph engels - 2012-07-17

    Hello just wanted to let you know that i added external texture support.

    Anywhere i can upload a diff ?

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2012-07-17

    Either create a tracker entry for it, or just send it to my mail address. Thanks.

  • ralph engels

    ralph engels - 2012-07-18

    Will do thanks.

  • ralph engels

    ralph engels - 2012-07-22

    Not sure if you got my mail ? since i had no reply yet, but i fixed remaining texture flags and added DDS support to the texture manager.

    Uploaded source to my site on google code.

    Btw have you noticed there seems to be a bug with the necromancers magic missile spell ? (black square around the sprite). At first i thought it was a bug with the texture manager but it also draws like that with unmodified Hexen2.
    Maybe a sprite bug ?.

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2012-07-22

    I did receive your mail, thanks.  I diff'ed it against your previous version to follow the incremental changes. Will hopefully get back to external texture stuff soon, but I have a few other things in my hands.  Necromancer's magic missile is just a content bug: play the same thing using the mission pack where the mdl is replaced and you see it's fine.

  • ralph engels

    ralph engels - 2012-07-25

    Tested the build with mingw and the shell scripts and all working fine it seems :)
    For those who want to experiment with external textures i uploaded the modified source here.

    Small advise to people to not convert tga directly to dds (will not work) dds handles alpha channel content differently and if converted from tga and probably any other image format the alpha channel will show up as a blue tint on the textures in game. So unless someone makes a replacement texture pack specifically for DDS its better to just go with TGA.

  • ralph engels

    ralph engels - 2012-07-26

    Aye using inkub0s textures myself :) looks quite nice.
    DDS just added as an afterthought in case someone wanted a not so big texture pack.
    Been made aware that the patent on s3tc might be invalid but its not tried in court yet so im not sure if the DDS code is legal.
    Might have to remove it or atleast change it to use the driver supplied functions instead.


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