Windows and MacOS official releases comparsio

  • RaVeN RaVeN

    RaVeN RaVeN - 2011-07-03

    Macintosh has more features comparing to PC

    Content of Hexen II\DATA1\GR.cfg (windows version doesnot have that file)
    enable_tcpip 1
    hostname ""
    name ""
    port 26900
    maxplayers 8
    deathmatch 1
    fraglimit 30
    timelimit 30
    map "ravdm5"
    enable_tcpip 1 (enable disable tcp ip? Windows version of hexen2 doesnot have it)

    Difference between Hexen II\DATA1\config.cfg (showed new lines from macintosh version)
    // Generated by GLHexen 2. DO NOT MODIFY!


    confirmquit "1"

    gl_anisotropiclevel "1"

    gl_vid_wait "0"
    unbindconfig - no ideas need test, dont have mac machine
    confirmquit "1" - guess if it changed to "0" quit will work instantly
    gl_anisotropiclevel "1" - anisotropic filtering
    gl_vid_wait "0" - vsync
    Macversion of Hexen II\DATA1\progs.dat has size 1,174,956 bytes its close to portal of praevus progs.dat that have size 1,177,284 bytes version 1.12a
    if use PC version original and replace progs.dat with mac version portal of praevus works so guess it based on hexen2 source code 1.12a, but main pak files is 1.03 version. Guess it possible to run portal of praevus using Hexen II for MacOS (MacPlay port).
    Copy Hexen II\Portals\pak3.pak from windows to Hexen II\DATA1\pak3.pak MacOS
    Edit Hexen II\DATA1\config.cfg find m_oldmission "0" and replace to m_oldmission "1"
    Need test.
    also mac hexen2 uses ogg tracks instead of audiocd
    Hexen II\DATA1\Music\
    Track 1
    Track ?
    Track 9
    Track 10
    Track 1?
    Track 16
    that files inside an ogg files just doesnot have extension.
    Maybe more differences can be founded but need Macintosh to run hexen2 test it and find more differences.
    These features will nice to see in HoT port

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2011-07-03

    Lets see:

    - gr.cgf: specific to mac networking code, I think.

    - progs.dat size:  It doesn't use progs.dat and progs2.dat, but uses a combined one (just like the expansion pack).  The existing progs2.dat in there is not functional (the engine won't use it).

    - gl_anisotropic and gl_vid_wait can be implemented some time, no big deal I think

    - ogg tracks instead of audiocd:  In uhexen2 we keep the cdaudio, but present an option of playing ogg/mp3/wav playback instead of midi files, and it works flawlessly.  See the document for details.

  • RaVeN RaVeN

    RaVeN RaVeN - 2011-07-03

    would like to see confirmquit to switch it to 0 and instantly quit in all cases. in hexenworld too (even when connected) (in game)
    not sure what is it?
    unbindconfig - guess it can be unbindall and reset to default (reset cvars) or even delete config.cfg that a less possible
    or how it can be useful

  • RaVeN RaVeN

    RaVeN RaVeN - 2011-08-05

    Yes you right its based on MacGLQuake with addition developments from MacPlay such as support .gif .mov .ogg files
    .gif is used in start screen as logo of MaPlay, Mumbo Jumbo, Activision, Raven Software
    .mov after it we see movie
    .ogg is used by game as audiocd alternative.
    Its official macintosh release version 1.12a its support portal of praevus (demoness acessable only from console, and intro demo t9.dem will crash application unexceptly, not sure about whole game need test) .pak files is from original PC CD
    version 1.03
    Maybe Mac version has more features need to test.
    I played it on Mac OS X 10.5.2

    In console i see message that its free software, so i think i can compare PC and MAC files and make source port (by MacPlay and Mumbo Jumbo) available for everyone without including files from PC CD, only new files from MAC (identetical files with PC CD will be removed "including .pak files as they identetical too"). Its legal????????????

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2011-08-05

    Hmm, I liked the "digital" label for the music menu entry, implementing it now. Print_GPL() is fine too.  As for legality and GPL, it would be OK to modify the macglquake sources within the GPL terms, however, distributing the game data (pak files, etc) is not legal.

  • RaVeN RaVeN

    RaVeN RaVeN - 2011-08-11

    (this doesnot even exist in console "unknown command")
    (tested actually it works exactly like "unbindall" nothig different i can spot)

  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2012-02-15

    Anisotropic texture filtering:  implemented (see svn as of rev.4543) and will be part of the next 1.5.2 release.

  • RaVeN RaVeN

    RaVeN RaVeN - 2012-11-23

    GR.cfg i found answer what is it, this is config generated by GameRanger a Peer to Peer gaming tool.


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