#1 Workflow suggestions


I have read your MANIFEST file and I think that you're
definitely on the right track with the ID-files. I
would however like to see a slight twist to the way
ufraw works.

First of all, I would like to have more generic
ID-files, or rather profiles. I would like to create
ID-files that can be applied to any image. This means
that they should not contain filenames. I would then
like to be able to process images with

ufraw-batch --idfile indoors.ufraw dsc_0001.nef
ufraw-batch --idfile indoors.ufraw dsc_0002.nef

This would allow me to create a number of different
generic ID-files that fit different purposes (different
cameras, different output-media, different lightning
situations etc.)

To do that today, I have to create different
~/.ufrawrc-files and switch between them.

Furthermore, my ideal workflow would be to use f-spot
or some other picture management application in the
following fashion:

1. Let f-spot import the raw-files from my camera.
2. f-spot calls ufraw-batch to convert the files to
jpeg using --idfile default.ufraw
3. I can look through my images in f-spot and select
from a set of profiles for each one of them (using the
idfiles as above).
4. I can also select each image in f-spot and click
Edit. F-spot would then start ufraw
--readidfile=default.ufraw --writeidfile /tmp/asoi8aw5
dsc_0001.nef. The ufraw-gui shows up the screen. All
parameters are loaded from default.ufraw. Instead of
the Save/Save As buttons there are Ok/Cancel buttons. I
make my modifications and then press Ok. ufraw will
then write a new idfile /tmp/asoi8aw5, leave
default.ufraw untouched and exit normally. If I press
Cancel, ufraw doesn't write any new idfile and exits
with an error-code.

What do you think?

By the way: Thank you! Ufraw is exactly what I need. I
hope to be able to help you with it in some way, if
nothing else with testing.



  • Udi Fuchs

    Udi Fuchs - 2005-07-22

    Logged In: YES

    The CVS version of UFRaw has a '--conf=file.ufraw' option
    that gives the features you requested.

    Let me know if I can close this this request.

    P.S. The f-spot suggestions sound good, but they need to be
    implemented in f-spot. If there is something that need to be
    done on UFRaw's side, then you can open an new request it
    with the details.

  • Mattias Holmlund

    Logged In: YES

    I'm out traveling right now. I'll look into this when I get


  • Mattias Holmlund

    • status: open --> closed
  • Mattias Holmlund

    Logged In: YES

    The main points have been addressed. I think we can discuss
    the rest in the forum. Closing.


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