John - 2014-02-06

I have just installed the latest stable version so it's the 1st time I have seen lensfun in it. I'm a little disappointed. I mostly use zooms and the CA varies with focal length and needs trimming up accordingly. I hoped to see some red blue sliders so that it could be done manually when needed.

I have used a package that has the sliders and re runs debayering on each adjustment. It's surprisingly usable and can be adjusted accurately. I know the devs are busy people but can't help wondering if this is a better way to go. I checked the lensfun database and found that hardly any have CA correction data. In some ways I am not surprised as it can vary a lot. I recently used a Nikon lens that the camera left as a pale blue stripe and the raw showed red and blue in opposite directions - at that focal length. They seem to match at the other end. Manual adjustment fixed it apart from one aspect, the luminance wasn't correct so subsequent processing can bring that up more. It looks a little like a sharpening line. :-) At least adobe people have the same problem.

I haven't tried the distortion correction but when using very wide angle lenses I have found that I can retain a lot more of the picture using manual adjustments rather than those provided by Hugin. The problem in that direction seems to be down to camera angle when the shot was taken. The barrel / pincushion is easy to remove once that has been tuned out.