UFRaw 0.19.2 + Gimp 2.8.2

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    TJF - 2013-07-05


    I installed Gimp in "D:\GIMP2" and UFRaw in "D:\UFRaw". UFRaw opens a raw file correctly. If I click on the Gimp-button (bottom, right), I get: "Failed to execute helper program (Invalid argument)". If I do "Save", then a .ppm file is generated. Gimp can open this file (but without using the gimp-button!). Gimp must separately open this .ppm file.

    I copied gspawn-win32-helper.exe from Gimp-bin folder to the ufraw-bin folder. Now the gimp-button starts gimp. But there I get a message "»C:\DOKUME~1\TF\LOKALE~1\Temp\Picture_01.crw_B8LKZW.ufraw« could not be opened".

    I put the path "D:\UFRaw\bin" to the Gimp-Plugin-Directory. Now I get this messages at every single start of Gimp (without UFRaw):

    "the ... procedure...'g_format_size' in DLL... 'libglib-2.0-0.dll' could not be found"


    "Runtime Error": ...D:\UFRaw\bin\gspawn-win32-helper.exe


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      TJF - 2014-02-18

      Hi, me again...

      even the latest version doesn't work with gimp the way it could on windows. It would be only a little step to get it work ...

      Here some things I did:

      1.) Copy gspawn-win32-helper.exe from the latest Gimp to the ufraw\bin folder
      (or path to this file shuold be adjustable)

      2.) gimp-2.x.exe is in Windows-Path
      (or path to this file should be adjustable)

      3.) UFRaw generates a *.ufraw (in WIN7 C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp)

      4.) Currently (after point 1 is done) gimp tries to open the .ufraw. In line 4 is the path to the OutputFilename of the .ppm, if it was saved before(!!!). The *.ufraw is not a picture. It fails to open.

      Here the necessary changes if the GIMP-button should work the way it should:

      1.) If no kind of bricolage should be used then the path to the files (s.a.) should be made adjustable

      2.) Push-Gimp-Button must first save a temp-ppm-file

      3.) Because gspawn-win32-helper.exe needs the path to the ppm-file it should get it. In example I put a test-batch-file to the ufraw option-line ("gimp command..." -> button near "save"...). The batch-file:

      gimp-2.8.exe F:\CANON\FA\CRW_1997.ppm

      I would do my own program to do this (instead of the batch-file), but it is bricolage to read the output-filename of the *.ufraw and get a ppm-file saved before GIMP.

      Best regards

      Last edit: TJF 2014-02-18

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