100% => interpolating?

Marc Weber
  • Marc Weber

    Marc Weber - 2013-02-17

    If you open an image and zoom to 100% (which should map 1 pixel to one pixel on the screen?) the bar at the bottom shows "interpolating …" - why ? 1:1 should not make any interpolation necessary?

  • Elle Stone

    Elle Stone - 2013-02-17

    I think what the op really wants to know is why is it the case that there is a message about interpolation when you select 100% zoom, but no message when you select 50%, 25%, etc.

    I was kinda curious about that, too. Perhaps UFRaw does a very quick lower-quality interpolation for smaller zoom values, and then produces a higher quality interpolation for any zoom value 100% and greater?

  • Pascal de Bruijn

    Well, in theory at 25% size or less you could just average clusters of 4 pixels, it would be quite fast. I'm not sure if UFRaw does that.

  • Nils Philippsen

    Nils Philippsen - 2013-02-21

    AIUI, this is pretty much what ufraw does. For a long time, you couldn't select a zoom level higher than 50% because simply averaging doesn't work in higher zoom levels.


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