I am not sure if this a UFRaw bug but so I am posting this to discussion.

  • Raj A. Upadhyaya

    I got this message when opening a JPEG file on my drive

    OJPEGSetupDecode: Warning, Depreciated and troublesome old-style JPEG compression mode, please convert to new-style JPEG compression and notify vendor of writing software.

    and I think the JPEG was created by UFRAW.

    Here is the version info.

    $ ufraw --version
    ufraw 0.19.2
    EXIV2 enabled.
    JPEG enabled.
    JPEG2000 (libjasper) disabled.
    TIFF enabled.
    PNG enabled.
    FITS enabled.
    ZIP enabled.
    BZIP2 disabled.
    LENSFUN enabled.

    Any one else seeing this problem?

    • Raj Upadhyaya
  • Niels Kristian Bech Jensen

    We need some extra information:

    What system are you using?

    What versions of libjpeg and libtiff are installed on your system?

    Which program are you using to open the JPEG file?

    Please send the offending JPEG file to me so I can test it. My mail address is nkbj(at)users.sourceforge.net.

    Niels Kristian


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