K.A. - 2013-09-08


I'm using ufraw 0.18 undef FC-17. I attempted to use ufraw-batch
for a TCA (same lens, same focal length of many images) after
I got tired of manually correcting TCA for each file and it seems
not to work: I created ID file byselecting Save-> "ID only" and then
attempted to use it but it looks like ufraw-batch reads the DNG file, writes
the TIF file but does nothing regarding the TCA correction. Reading other
discussions I've read that TCA function in batch mode hadn't been implemented
but the lates of these posts was about 2010.

What's the status of TCA correction in ufraw-batch now? I see that there are
newer versions of UFRAW but they require me to upgrade my whole OS.
Does TCA (batch) works in newer versions of UFRAW?