I am using ufraw-batch to convert my raw images (nef files) to jpeg.
After the conversion images are copied to a local piwigo web-gallery.
Since i use lightroom4 to develop some of my pictures (do some cropping, change saturation, contrast, brightness...) i also have some xmp files matching some of my raw files.

Although i tried some tools (ufraw, dcraw, exiv2, exiftool) and even some of them in combination (applying metadata to a copied raw file with exiftool before doing the jpeg extraction using ufraw-batch for example), i did not succeed in retrieving a jpg image with the transformations applied which are described in the xmp metadata file.

Is it possible to apply the transformations described (at least some basic transformations) in the xmp file while extracting the jpg file (or even after extracting)? Can this be done using ufraw-batch (or any other command-line tool in linux)?

Kind regards,