Hi everyone!

I really like UFRaw, but some of my photos made with the good old Panasonic DMC-FZ30 call for the advanced denoising algorithms of Photivo. Which, however, has a pretty poor color profile for this camera, along with Adobe products. The internal color matrix of UFRaw is way better than these. Loading the Adobe or Photivo profile in UFRaw causes the colors to become exactly that muted and poor, so the problem lies in those profiles.

So I want to extract the matrix data from UFRaw, and inject it into a DCP file (for Adobe stuff), and convert it to ICC format for Photivo using dcp2icc.

Does UFRaw use the color matrices found in dcraw.cc? I tried to copy these values into a DCP profile decompiled by DCP Tool, but they reach over +/-10000, while the ones in the decompiled DCP reach just over +/-2. I divided these by the maximum pixel value (4095), so I got values similar to those found in the decompiled DCP. I gave it a try. Honestly, I expected a horrible "color monster". But, to my surprise, while the resulting images are by no way good, they point in the correct direction, are much more (too) saturated, and they even share some characteristics of those processed with UFRaw matrix (parts that are too dark in other software get brighter, similar to the camera JPEG).

I tend to solve my problems alone, but now I don't have any spare time to experiment, and I'd need a solution ASAP. So could anyone tell me if the numbers I found are the actual matrix data, and how to correctly put them into a DCP profile?

Thanks in advance: Gabor

Last edit: Gabor Szalipszki 2013-10-13