• MAIA, H. A.

    MAIA, H. A. - 2010-06-18

    I bought a Somdimm-lpc2478 and developed a mother board to interconnect it. I want to use Keil uVision3 V3.62c. I download uEZ_V1.04 but there isn´t a project for Keil in the folders. I don´t know what is the minimum quantity of files *.c I need to use in my project for test of SOMDIMM-LPC2478. When I group some *.c Files, some errors appears during the link. Someone has a tutorial indicating the essentials files to add to my project ? My mother board has a QVGA Display MTF-TQ57SN721-AV from Microtips and I need to run applications using RTOS, A/D, digital ports and display QVGA. Thanks in advance. Maia.

  • Lysle Shields

    Lysle Shields - 2010-06-21


    Currently there is not a Keil uVision3 build for uEZ.  What may be the most useful is opening the file P:\uEZ\SW\Packages\uEZ_v1.04_AppDemo_v1.06_final\uEZ_SRC\Build\DK-TS-KIT\CrossWorks2.0\UEZDemo\uEZ.hzp, scroll down to the < folder > sections and use that as an outline of folders and files to put in your project.

    Most of the work comes down to the following folders:
    /Source/RTOS/FreeRTOS/*.c (none of the croutine files)
    /Source/Devices/… (many different devices here to choose from, I'll give a quick sublist)
    /Source/Devices/LCD/ (pick one .c from the subfolders or make one for your display)
    /Source/Devices/Touchscreen/ (pick one, usually Generic/FourWireTouchResist)
    /Source/App/<your app directory>

    The above list is a subset and leaves out ethernet and USB functions on focuses only on getting your LCD screen up, serial, I2C, and SSP.

    The most important file is your platform file.  You will want to copy this directory and make a similar set for your own hardware.  In the FDI/ARM_CARRIER code there is a file called ARMCarrier_uEZPlatform.c.  This file sets up all the devices that the build will be using.  Additionally, the file LPC2478_pinConfig.h configures the functions of all the LPC2478's pins at power up.  Both these files must under go close scrutiny to setup your hardware, but generally only has to be done once.

    Hope this helps,
    Team FDI Support


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