Ori Hanegby

foobar UDKEclipse is an Eclipse plugin that enables UDK scripting support with many of the goodies that are offered by modern IDE's such as code completion, code navigation, syntax highlighting etc.

I've setup a repository for easy installation. Please check [Installation] page for information.

Quickstart guide:
After [Installation]:

  1. switch to UDK perspective.
  2. create a UDK project from the File->new...
  3. right click the newly created project and choose "import..."
  4. choose "General->File system" and point it to the \<UDK Install Dir>\Developement\Src folder
  5. check the folder's checkbox, and continue with the import.

Editing guide:
Please note that code assist information is refreshed only after the file is saved.
The editor will automatically try to complete upon pressing "."
Code assist can be also invoked with Ctrl-Space
Ctrl-1 will go to variable or type definition.

This project is still experimental and in early stage of development.

ANTLR has been used for parsing the UDK/Unreal grammar.
Parts of the code are based on UCEditor (http://uceditor.sourceforge.net)

Supported features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Code browsing
  • Basic UDK project management
  • UDK Perspective


Wiki: Installation