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uwm 0.2.11a released

I just released uwm 0.2.11a which is a very minor update to uwm 0.2.11. It fixes build issue with gettext on a few systems. No changes for those who managed to build 0.2.11 already.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2014-10-12

uwm 0.2.11 released

Good news everyone, I just released uwm-0.2.11!
The main improvements wrt. 0.2.10a are:

  • made keyboard combinations CapsLock and NumLock insensitive
  • live appmenu reloading now possible
  • added internationalised font set support for menus and window titles
  • minor updates to urdb
  • some bugfixes... read more
Posted by Christian Ruppert 2013-05-04

uwm 0.2.10a released

I just released a 0.2.10a which is a minor bugfix release for the build system of 0.2.10. Upgrade if you experienced trouble with 0.2.10 or if you are interested in a minor gain in performance on some systems.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2010-05-23

uwm 0.2.10 released

Good news: uwm 0.2.10 is out. It includes:
- 64 bit support
- italian language support
- some updates to urdb
- the possiblility to have hex icons of arbitrary size and shape (we should look for another name for them ;)
- some minor bugfixes

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2010-02-14

CVS to SVN migration complete

The CVS to SVN migration is now complete. All issues should be fixed and details on how to get the latest development version from svn are available at http://udeproject.sourceforge.net/download.html#svn
Please report any issues you might find.

have fun,

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2006-09-20

CVS to SVN conversion and new development strategy

Due to the recent wave of interest in uwm I have decided to try to work on uwm on a more regular basis again. Since I very probably still won't have the time for major improvements, I'll resurrect the 0.2 branch and limit myself to incremental improvements and some backports from 0.3.

I have also moved the source code from cvs to svn which is definitely the better tool imho and i'll post another news item and instructions on how to access the repository as soon as I have tested the database more thoroughly.... read more

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2006-08-18

Thank You!

This is just a quick thank you message to all supporters of the anti software patent protests in Europe. Thanks to you the European parliament decided today to entirely reject the european council of minister's "compromise" proposal which would have very much legalized sofware patents in Europe. Although a directive clearly rejecting software patents would have had even better effects in the short term, the decision means a victory for SMEs, independent developers, open source software and last but not least the EU's democratic process.... read more

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2005-07-06

ude-0.2.9b released

I just released a bugfix version for the 0.2 branch.

It fixes the following minor issues:

- OpenOffice1.1 resizing now works properly.

- a small bug in the new window focus method was fixed.

- some minor updates in urdb.

- missing shapes extension is now properly handled (i.e. uwm pops out with an error)

- uwm now properly handles missing c preprocessor, backported from the 0.3 branch.

both a source .tar.gz and rpms (created on slackware 10.0) are available.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2004-12-05

Documentation online

uwm documentation is now available on the web under http://udeproject.sf.net/Documentation.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2003-11-30

uwm 0.2.9 released

just released uwm 0.2.9 which includes some new features, a few bugfixes and some of the 0.3 code.

have fun

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2003-11-30

themes download section created

a download section for themes has been created.
please ignore the sourceforge "version" information, i misuse sourceforge's "different versions" feature to upload different themes and hex icon sets.

if you would like to see your theme in this section, just send me an email.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2003-05-17

urdb2gtkd --dump fixed

just released a patch for uwm (included in urdb2gtkd-0.0.3 as the only difference to urdb2gtkd-0.0.2) to make urdb2gtkd --dump work properly as ScreenCommand.
have fun

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2003-02-09

GTK applications color support

just released the urdb2gtkd helper program that dumps ude color data from the X resource database to $HOME/.gtkrc. It is a very simple program to automatically run GTK-applications with your favourite desktop color scheme. try it out, it seems to work quite well.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2002-11-17

patch for uwm + plugger released

just released a patch for uwm that handles some unspecified behaviour of plugger (which makes every version prior to uwm-0.2.8 with this patch or current cvs loose the root window). check http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=630013&group_id=2246&atid=102246
for details.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2002-11-12

preliminary keyboard support

a patch for preliminary keyboard support is provided by andreas gutscher on http://www.agutscher.de/udepatch.html.
thanx to andreas so far, we are currently working on integration into the cvs tree as well as some bugfixes (don't worry, it seems to be stable as a rock, just some ugly little side-effects you'ld hardly recognize to fix) and extensions such as configurability.
stand by for uwm 0.2.9 with keyboard support :)... read more

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2002-09-02

ude-0.2.8 stable released

go to the downloads section to take a look at uwms first official "stable release".

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2002-02-11

SNAP09062001 released

just released SNAP09062001 which fixes some bugs in SNAP07052001. it should be equally stable but some lockups, keyboard focussing problems, shape window title display problems are removed and some code cleanup has been done.
have fun, don't forget reporting remaining bugs.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2001-06-09

SNAP07052001 released

just released another snapshot (SNAP07052001) which seems
to run quite stable (no guarantee).
feedback about how this thing compiles, installs (i worked over the documentation installation stuff, they should work properly now) and runs on your systems is as always welcome.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2001-05-07

quick fix for xf 4.0

just released a quick fix for uwms menus under xf 4.0 and other servers not supporting SaveUnder and BackingStore. get it from the sourceforge download page (SNAP26022001).

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2001-02-27

another snap released

just released another snapshot with some bugs from the last snap fixed.
the new snap will also compile without any modifications necessary on bsd if you configure using --disable-nls (i tried freebsd).

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2001-02-22

CVS repository moved to SourceForge

i just moved the cvs repository to the sourceforge cvs site, the old cvs repository is no longer valid.
for information about how to obtain the current ude development tree from cvs (we'll try to keep it as stable as possible, but of course we can't promise anything) please take a look at the sourceforge CVS docs at http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=7

please note that you don't have to be a project developer to obtain a cvs source tree, anyone is allowed to do so.... read more

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2000-11-29

snapshot released

just released another snapshot with overworked window management core and fixed workspace-changing bug. there still might be some smaller bugs in it but it seems to run quite stable (don't rely on this, of course!). it's not completely icccm compliant yet but i'm working on this.

it would be nice if lots of people could check if everything works fine with the new core so that we can fix eventually existing bugs quickly and move on to 0.3.0 stable.
you can get the snap from our sourceforge download page.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2000-11-26

uwm snapshot and 0.3.0

a development snapshot (which should be quite stable) is available for download at the ude sourceforge project page.

a major bug in uwm was discovered (thanx, shawn!) which requires rewriting parts of the window management and handler functions. i'll use this opportunity to clean up the code a bit and finish icccm compliance. the next version will then be 0.3.0, but it'll take some time to be released (don't expect it before autumn).
however i'll try to keep you up to date with (as stable as possible) snapshots on our sourceforge project page, perhaps there'll be a 0.2.8 or 0.2.9 version with the bug fixed but without complete icccm compliance. let me know if you're interested.... read more

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2000-06-26

new urdb file released

just released a new urdb file with visible Xt-buttons

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2000-04-28

config file problems fixed in 0.2.7b

jsut released version 0.2.7b which puts you in the position to make your configuration files work again by replacing the old comment character '#' which in some cases confuses the c preprocessor the files are passed through as of version 0.2.7 with the new (additional) one '%'.
sorry for this inconvenience.

Posted by Christian Ruppert 2000-03-18

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