Love this window manager

  • Vince

    Vince - 2003-10-09

    I like the fact that it doesn't depend on any libraries aside from Xlib, which makes it very fast. I've been using fvwm2 and/or xfce for a while and find this has somewhat the same feel to it, but uwm has the potential to be more effiecient, in both speed and useability. I'd like to get involved, or at least try to, in it's development. Do you have any docs or links on development. Thanks.


    • Christian Ruppert

      thanks for the offer, we could really use someone helping us out on plenty of new (and old, i know, i know) ideas that still need to be implemented.

      there is currently no developer site since the last time more than one programmer was working on ude/uwm was well before we moved to sourceforge - which is quite a while ago now - and everything on the old pages is terribly obsolete (and most of it probably lost).

      if you're seriously interested in helping us out, please contact me personally at (perhaps with a short resume of what your skills are and what you would prefer working on). we can then discuss the current state of uwm 0.3.0 (yes, seriously, i'm still working on it!), what needs to be done and set up a developer's message board again.

      i would really appreciate some help since i want to release 0.3.0 asap (for which i have plenty of interesting features in mind but hardly any time).



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