UDDI4J 2.0.3 released

Minor update from 2.0.2.
Changes from 2.0.2 release include:

- UDDIElement now implements Serializable (and hence so do all the datatype classes which are subclasses of UDDIElement).
- ApacheAxisTransport updated to work with Crimson parser as well as Xerces.
- ApacheSOAPTransport now catches generic Exception rather than SOAPException from calls into Apache SOAP.
This prevents RuntimeExceptions from Apache SOAP propagating through UDDI4J.
- Organized imports to aid compilation.
- Corrected some javadoc errors.

Important information for release 2.0.3:

- The binary distribution of the 2.0.3 release does not contain the compiled class file for HPSOAPTransport. (The source distribution still contains the source file for this class.) This will not affect users of ApacheSOAPTransport (the default) or ApacheAxisTransport. Users wishing to use the HPSOAPTransport class will need to download the source distribution and build UDDI4J themselves using the supplied build.xml file.

Posted by Katharine Jagger 2005-03-30

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