Problem with Tiger - OS X 10.4

  • tnt0

    tnt0 - 2005-04-27

    When I go to the System Preferences > uControl, I've got a message: uControl Kernel Extrension Not Loaded
    Load at Startup is checked.
    Button "Load Extension" don't work.

    • Adam Raymond

      Adam Raymond - 2005-04-30

      Just a little info for ya tnt:

      I just did a fresh install with Tiger, and when I went to install uControl I got this message:
      uControl cannot be installed on this computer.

      This version of uControl can only be safely installed on Mac OS X 10.3.8. (Technically, that's an over simplification.  The installation requires kernel extension IOHIDFamily version 1.3.6 and IOADBFamily version 7.0.2, if available.)
      I'm guessing your install got broken in the upgrade do to incompatabilites, so we'll just have to wait for the devs to release a Tiger version.

      • Greg Lincoln

        Greg Lincoln - 2005-05-02

        In Tiger there is now a Modifier Keys setup that I don't recall seeing in Panther. You can remap many of the mod keys to get a non-mac keyboard to work with little trouble. The real issue is switching back and forth, as this maps for all keyboards, and not just one.

        I'm sure a resourceful applescripter or plist monkey can get a script running with little effort to at least have this switched between keyboards.

        uControl is still the best overall, considering it's per-keyboard abilities. I'd imagine before someone finds a way to write an applescript, the uControl team will have an update to make us all very happy.

        Good luck!

    • Sam Volchenboum

      Sam Volchenboum - 2005-04-30

      Oi. Not having uControl is almost a Tiger dealbreaker for me.

      Please - try to fix this. I don't like Sidetrack.

      I'll pay!

    • Bob Harris

      Bob Harris - 2005-05-01

      Oh yes.  A Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) version please.

      I use uControl on my iBook to make my 'enter' key a function key and then I have an easy "Home" and "End" function keys from my enter-left-arrow and enter-right-arrow.  I love that.

      And CapsLock is Control, where is belongs :-)

      On my Workstation at work, I use a PC style keyboard and there I remap Capslock to Control, and I swap Alt & Windows key so Alt becomes my Apple Command key next to the space bar.

      While not having uControl may not be a deal breaker, I will think rather hard whether I am going to upgrade without it (at least for a week or 2 :-)

      I'll be watching VersionTracker for an announcement.

      Thanks for a great utility.  I've recommended it frequently.

      Bob Harris

    • Oskar Lissheim-Boethius

      The biggest gripe I have (since I like SideTrack) is to not be able to re-map the Enter key (hate you!) and using forward-delete. Please fix this soon. Double Command isn't working either so us Powerbooks users are completely in the red :(

    • bkarsif

      bkarsif - 2005-05-05

      I agree!  Please please update ucontrol for Tiger!  I'm miserable without it!  Sidetrack isn't nearly as good (imo).  Thanks for all your great work!

    • tnt0

      tnt0 - 2005-05-17

      Please see the note on uControl's status for Tiger.


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