#43 more default entries in preferences


I suggest to add the following default values in the preferences to give a better out of the box experience:

Excluded source folders:
src-gen (used by Xtext)
xtend-gen (used by Xtend)
emf-gen (used by EMF)
generated-sources (used by Maven)

Code with annotations:
Injected (used by dependency injection frameworks)


  • Joerg Spieler

    Joerg Spieler - 2014-03-09

    Fixed in subversion:
    SOURCE_FOLDER_FILTER = "*test*,*gen*,";
    ANNOATIONS_FILTER = "Generated,Inject*,";

    Last edit: Joerg Spieler 2014-03-09
  • Joerg Spieler

    Joerg Spieler - 2014-03-09
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Joerg Spieler
    • Group: Difficult --> Next_Release
  • Bananeweizen

    Bananeweizen - 2014-03-10

    I found two other helpful additions. Can you add them also? I promise to not add more pieces to this feature request afterwards. :)

    In the following "Asterisk" means the asterisk character. Unfortunately SF thinks that I want to use the formatting, when typing it normally.

    "Asterisk.mwe2" in "Search class names in files". Those are textual MWE workflows, which directly refer to Java classes (which they finally invoke).
    "AsteriskAssert" in "Classes matching name". Those are FEST assertions: https://github.com/alexruiz/fest-assert-2.x/wiki/Creating-specific-assertions, which provide assertion methods in the objects they encapsulate. And of course, not all available assertion methods need to be called at any given time.

    Thanks again for providing this helpful tool. I'm increasing our code coverage right now by using it and removing dead code.

    Last edit: Bananeweizen 2014-03-10
  • Joerg Spieler

    Joerg Spieler - 2014-03-11

    I will not include the MWE or Assert stuff. It is very specific.
    It is takes a few seconds for MWE or Assert users to exclude this files.

    There is a "Formatting Help"... To escape asterisks use: \*



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