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May seem an odd situation but for some reason my pubring.gpg file was owned by the root, whilst keeping the sensible default permissions of 600.
Ubuntuzilla script just kept trying key exchange after key exchange because it couldn't write to it. It's probably a rather bizarre and unusual marginal case, but maybe it's worth checking the ability to write to the pubring file, and aborting (or something?) if it can't?


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    nanotube - 2009-12-16
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  • nanotube

    nanotube - 2009-12-16


    Thanks for your report

    Ubuntuzilla tries to retrieve the keyservers 5 times each before failing (just in case a keyserver is down or whatnot), so it will fail /eventually/, you just didn't wait long enough :)

    The script assumes a reasonably standard and working system - while it may be a good idea to check ~/.gpg directory and file permissions, and maybe i'll get around to adding that, there are really any number of things that could mess things up, with sufficient 'creativity' from the user. :)

  • nanotube

    nanotube - 2010-04-15

    no longer relevant, since script is now deprecated in favor of repository.

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    nanotube - 2010-04-15
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