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DVD (lucid) updated for 10.04.3 & Firefox-5.0

Ubuntu-Saner-Defaults-Remix DVD images (Lucid-LTS) have been updated to include Ubuntu-10.04.3 and Firefox-5.0 (includes netbook.)

Posted by stlouisubntu 2011-08-04

Natty beta CD images are released!

CD Beta images for what will in time become Ubuntu 11.04 Natty are released. The 64-bit .iso is quite likely a bit too big to fit on a 700 MB CD-R. However, the 32-bit .iso should fit just fine on a CD as the image size is actually 691.7 MB (where sourceforge reports MiB.) Feedback is appreciated. As usual, all mono is removed. Rhythmbox (with Ubuntuone Music Store) replaces Banshee, Gnote replaces Tomboy, and Thunderbird replaced Evolution (not mono related.) Local dnscache is enabled. Preload is included. Thanks for any input.

Posted by stlouisubntu 2011-04-20

Lubuntu-1004-SDR updated

Lubuntu-1004-SDR has been updated to include Firefox-4.0. This version also already included Linux-2.6.32-30, Shotwell-0.8.1, Deadbeef, and Chromium Browser. Feedback is welcome.

Posted by stlouisubntu 2011-03-31

Saner-Restricted-Extras .debs released

If you are downloading the CD and not the DVD image, you may also want to consider downloading and installing the saner-restricted-extras package for your architecture.

This package not only includes all multi-media codecs (including those to enable playback of any dvd), but also Adobe Flash 10.1 and sun-java6. Also, included are the Microsoft fonts and vlc.

After downloading the proper .deb for your architecture, make sure that the main, universe, multiverse, and ubuntu partner repositories are enabled under Software Sources (System > Administration > Software Sources.) Then open a terminal and enter:
sudo aptitude update (yes, please use aptitude.)... read more

Posted by stlouisubntu 2010-09-08

Ubuntu-10.04-Saner-Defaults-Remix Released

I am proud to announce the Beta release of the Ubuntu-Saner-Defaults-Remix! This is Ubuntu 10.04.1 with a some default applications replaced with saner choices and some other saner default settings and theme changes were also made. This is all being done to maximize usability and user friendliness in regard to the average user (new or potential linux user.) Further, all updates through September 3, 2010 have been applied.... read more

Posted by stlouisubntu 2010-09-07