stlouisubntu - 2011-01-25


Hello, friend.

As requested, Emesene has been added.  In regard to the request to remove the extraneous application, a CD edition is now included.  The idea is to have the DVD images to offer a complete experience where very little is lacking.  For example, a web page authoring tool is included (Kompozer), a backup solution is included (backintime), and even a virus scanner is included (clamav.)  Further, synapse really rocks and replaces the need for gnome-do or kupfer  Also, scribus is the desktop publishing application.  For users that do not need all of this (nor the complete codecs / extras packs), they can download the CD image and then only add the additional applications they need. 

As far as the Lubuntu spin not being fully translated, there is not really very much I can do about that except for adding  language packs.  I added an english language pack to the new beta1 image and added a good sane default terminal application, roxterm (thanks for mentioning that as it was a bug.)  Further, shotwell and deadbeef have been added and auqalung was removed.

A netbook version will follow soon.  Also, would it be good to also add a 64-bit desktop CD and DVD?

Thanks for your input, testing, and participation.