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XPE 2.500 released

XBRL Processing Engine (XPE) v2.500 has been released!

XPE is a software development kit (SDK) for building applications that
consume, generate and validate XBRL documents. It is designed for high volume, large
scale business processes that require XBRL data validation and data conversion for
use in new and existing applications. A processing engine is the essential component
of any application that plans to read, write, and validate XBRL. Much like a database
engine that uses SQL to read and write data to a set of relational tables (or schema),
the processing engine reads and writes XBRL based upon the schema, dimensions, and
business rules defined in an XBRL taxonomy. What is more, with its standards-based
XSLT support, the UBmatrix Processing Engine can render XBRL data into a variety
of formats readable by both computers and people. ... read more

Posted by andyh 2007-01-06

UBmatrix to Open Source its XBRL Processing Engine

Intent on accelerating adoption of XBRL and making it a more fundamental piece of the enterprise IT fabric, UBmatrix to open its source code to developers on SourceForge.net

Philadelphia, PA — December 3, 2006 — Following-up its Open Source XBRL taxonomies announcement last May, UBmatrix, a leading provider of XBRL-enabled software, today announced plans to Open Source their XBRL processing engine software code by the end of the year. While the company will continue to offer customers a commercial version of the UBmatrix™ Processing Engine that is fully supported, scalable, and maintains continued compliance with XBRL International specifications, UBmatrix will contribute source code from its publicly-released Java version shipped last July to a new Open Source project on SourceForge.net. ... read more

Posted by XBRL Processing Engine 2007-01-03