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UBIQLIPSE Release: Version 0.4.0

UBIQLIPSE 0.4.0 has been released! This one can load up an existing .qub file (one made by OpenQUB), add, resize, position and remove widgets, and save the modified GUI back to the file system. There are some limitations still, such as not being able to modify attributes of widgets and not being able to create a new GUI from scratch. These will appear in the next release.

Posted by TheGuitar 2005-05-19

UBIQLIPSE Release: Version 0.2.0

UBIQLIPSE 0.2.0 has been released! So far it can only load up an existing .qub file, ie one made by OpenQUB, but cannot perform any adding or editing of widgets itself. Look forward to the next release in a month or so, when this will be possible!

Posted by TheGuitar 2005-04-13

UBIQLIPSE Architecture

A document describing the Architecture/Model of UBIQLIPSE has been added to the project's Documentation section.

Posted by TheGuitar 2005-01-22