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UberTuber grabs clips from various sites and opens them in your media player while they're being downloaded.

The actual work is done in the back-end, using the Python script [youtube-dl] ( which downloads the video file to your temporary folder. From there it is either played back while it gets downloaded or moved to another location you determine in a file dialog.

UberTuber monitors the system clipboard for URLs pointing to the supported websites and automatically inserts them into its URL text field. Now you just have to decide to either play or save the clip to start the download.

Currently supported sites:
YouTube, Google video, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Yahoo video, Photobucket, DepositFiles,,, Facebook video and Escapist magazine

It may also work on videos from other sites... Give it a try!

  • Auto-play
    This starts playback automatically, if a valid URL is detected in the clipboard. Convenient if you run UberTuber in the background while surfing the web: just copy the link to a clip in the browser and a few seconds later your media player starts playing it back.

  • Remove temporary files on quit
    The temporary folder is emptied when you shutdown Haiku. If you watch lots of long clips, disk space may become a concern. Check this option to have all temporary files deleted as soon as you quit UberTuber.

  • UberTuber doesn't work; nothing gets downloaded or played.
    UberTuber needs to be in the same folder as its youtube-dl script. You mustn't move it outside its installation directory. Use links to it instead.

  • Copied URLs won't automatically show up in UberTuber.
    The URL might fall through UberTuber's very simple test if it's from a supported site. I'm afraid you'll have to paste it into the URL field by hand...
    Send me the URL and I add it to the auto-insert filter for supported sites in a future release.

  • UberTuber won't play/download clips from site X.
    Probably the website isn't supported by the youtube-dl script. Your only hope is that it has been added recently and update it with UberTuber's "Update script" menu item.

Release History: [History]