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UberMQ 2.6 Released

An open-source (GPL) JMS implementation using Java NIO for your distributed computing applications and frameworks. Our new 2.6 version is faster, more stable and more scalable than before.

Posted by Jimmy P 2004-01-30

UberMQ now licensed under the GPL

UberMQ is now licensed under the GPL, as opposed to the LGPL as previously. We have made this decision for a number of reasons. First of all, I would like to continue development on this project but it has proved impossible to build a revenue stream on a product which is free. Incontrovertible laws of economics I suppose.

Second, I want to make a more firm commitment to free software and I believe that the LGPL actually undercuts such an effort. GPL software encourages and forces more people to produce quality open-source software. ... read more

Posted by Jimmy P 2003-03-12

Rhombus IM Server Released

The Rhombus Enterprise IM Server was released February 6, 2003, based on the UberMQ platform.

Rhombus IM Server provides world-class speed and scalability to enterprise IM customers by leveraging the feature set of UberMQ JMS.

For more information on Rhombus IM Server and for a free trial deployment license, visit http://www.rhombusIM.com.

Posted by Jimmy P 2003-02-09

UberMQ 2.1 released

UberMQ 2.1 is a clean-room implementation of the JMS 1.1 API. It is lightweight and scalable and suitable for a variety of distributed computing applications written in Java.

This release adds SSL support for fully secure messaging, as well as better JMS 1.1 compliance and better memory management performance.

For more information on UberMQ, visit http://www.ubermq.com.

Posted by Jimmy P 2003-02-03

UberMQ 2.0 released

UberMQ 2.0, an implementation of the JMS 1.1 spec for asynchronous messaging has been released. New features in this version include 1.1 API support, new support for Queues (point-to-point messaging) and an administrative GUI to manage your infrastructure.

UberMQ still has the same fast performance and great scalability that it has always had thanks to its NIO core. It is a great platform for your distributed computing needs. Test drive it today or visit http://www.ubermq.com to learn more.

Posted by Jimmy P 2003-01-07

UberMQ 1.1 released

UberMQ 1.1 is a clean-room implementation of the Java Message Service (JMS) pub/sub API. It is used for moving large amounts of information through various systems in your enterprise. UberMQ is based on Java NIO for blazingly fast speed and scalability (requires Java 1.4).

New features in this version include a graphical message listener to examine traffic on your network, more robust durable subscriptions, active/backup subscriber failover, reconnection logic and significant performance and memory usage improvements.... read more

Posted by Jimmy P 2002-11-26

UberMQ 1.0

UberMQ 1.0, in beta for several months, has finally been released! UberMQ is an implementation of the JMS topic (pub/sub) API featuring a clean-room architecture, Java NIO for speed and scalability, and all of the robust enterprise-level features you need from a messaging solution. Since it is open-source, it is easy to extend and modify the behavior to suit your project's goals.

Please visit our website at http://www.ubermq.com for more details on the product's design and feature set. Thanks for your support!

Posted by Jimmy P 2002-10-03