routing mechanism to get around firewall?

Mark Smith
  • Mark Smith

    Mark Smith - 2003-01-21


    Does this JMS implementation have a mechanism to get around a chained group of firewalls?  What I mean is say I've got several JMS clients/servers (one per JVM) scattered behind a chain of firewalls as so:

    JVM #1  ---->  Firewall #1 -->  JVM #2 -->  Firewall #2 --> JVM #3

    Obviously let's assume both Firewalls allow traffic back and forth.  But JVM #1 cannot directly connect to JVM #3 b/c of the chained firewalls.

    Is there a way to send a message from JVM #1 to JVM #3 by having JVM #2 act as a "router"? has functionality like this but they aren't open source.


    • Mark Smith

      Mark Smith - 2003-01-21

      I guess a clearer ascii-art diagram would look like this to imply traffic can go both ways:

      JVM #1 <----> Firewall #1 <--> JVM #2 <--> Firewall #2 <--> JVM #3

      • Jimmy P

        Jimmy P - 2003-01-21

        Hi Mark,
        You can achieve this routing topology by using the clustering feature of UberMQ.

        If you set up a clustering connection between servers 1 and 2 and servers 2 and 3, messages published at any node will propagate to the other nodes in the infrastructure.

        Refer to the user guide for details on how to set this up.



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