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Queues ??

  • Knu Lerpold

    Knu Lerpold - 2003-05-05

    The doc. says that UberMQ supports Queues, but the behavior of the queue looks VERY similar to a durable subscriber???
    Have tried to post to a Queue but all messages drops UNTIL i starts a receiver on this queue - then the server creates a logfile for this queue....

    Could somone tell me how to set up a real queue?


    • lansheng

      lansheng - 2003-05-13

      yes ,I also get the problem,I have read the source code, the queue is similar to a durable subscriber,but a little difference is when the queue receiver connected ,the client do not send the DURABLE_RECOVER control command, so the Journal do not do recover,it seem like RoundRobinArbiter do not active is another problem.I think jimmyp think queues should be like that. but where is simmyp ? this project forum did not see him a long time.

      • Jimmy P

        Jimmy P - 2003-05-13

        Hello guys,
        I think the problem here is that you need to subscribe to a queue before it is really there.  This is bad; there needs to be a way to create a queue a priori from the administrative interface.

        Also queue creation should fail-fast if the queue is not found, or something like that.

        I'll try to get this into the next release, it shouldn't be too difficult.  Is this what you guys are getting at potentially?

        • Knu Lerpold

          Knu Lerpold - 2003-05-14

          I need to be able to create a queue prior to any other actions, because i dont know when the producer(s)/consumer(s) connects to the queue.


    • lansheng

      lansheng - 2003-05-13

         sorry ! I check the RoundRobinArbiter code, there is no problem .
          pehapers the client do  send the DURABLE_RECOVER control command and create a queue a priori from the administrative interface, it will Knut wanted queues .
         jimmyp , I think ubermq has a very nice design, I like it. but the document is too simple, only when you read the source code, you know that . thanks a lot.
         By the way. what the new feature in next release?

    • Jimmy P

      Jimmy P - 2003-05-14

      thanks, i'm glad you like the design. I agree the documentation is quite lacking. Some things people don't necessarily need to know about except by investigation into the code and that's fine, but there definitely needs to be a quick start guide or something like that.

      What features would you like to see in the next version? There are some minor features that will be going into 2.2 so far, but nothing huge at this time.


    • Nils Kilden-Pedersen

      For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to create persistent queue a priori from the admin interface, or any other interface for that matter.


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