number of queues possible to set up

  • Jos De Smos

    Jos De Smos - 2004-02-03

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a limit on the number of queues that I can register? I currently have a problems because I want to register around 200 queues. I get the following exception: logfile.journal (Too many open files)

    Is it better to publish and subscribe against a topic?


    • Jimmy P

      Jimmy P - 2004-02-03

      There is no limit on the number of queues that you can create with UberMQ. However keep in mind that each queue you are accessing maps to an open file on the filesystem...  meaning that the error you are seeing is coming from the OS when we attempt to open one of the queue storage files. 

      The solution is to bump up the max number of open files on your platform.  Generally you'll see this on a Unix platform where the number of files is traditionally set low.  You'll have to consult the documentation for your platform to figure out how to change it. Generally ulimit will work to change this limitation. You need to run it on the shell that owns the UberMQ server.

      To answer your other question, it may be better to use a topic depending on your application design.  If you want to follow up with design questions over email please drop a line at



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