Alex - 2003-01-29


I implemented those two properties mentioned in the pdf documentation:

I assume that the "node name" in clustering.forward is actually IP address or host name of the other machine running the ubermq server.

I did not get any success with that. I have a two-node cluster. I tried the UnicastConnectionFactory with both, queues and topics. With queues nothing happened and message has been delivered only locally. With topics, the CPU went to the 100% and message has been delivered only locally.

I would expect that for topics, messages are delivered to all subscribers and for queues to only one receiver in the cluster (based on some kind of load balancing algorithm). That is my interpretation of clustered JMS destinations.

Do all machines in the cluster have to be on the same subnetwork?

There are some other clustering properties in the default file. Is there somewhere documented all clustering tags?

Does somebody have some working example of the code for the clustering? Does it work in 2.0?

Thank you for help.