Erredon - 2005-02-09

I have gotten Unicast clustering working with JGroups in UberMQ 2.7. I have 2 servers setup in the cluster and they have successfully connected together using port 7800 TCP unicast.

However, when I publish a message using the "viewer" to one server it get's sent to the cluster and is received by the second server which then decides to send it back out to the cluster back to the original server. This process continues back and forth and floods the network. The message is getting continually duplicated even though the message ID is the same. I have even tried running two servers on the same machine to elminate clock time differences in case that was the problem but it did not eliminate the issue.

Any thoughts? Is there a config I need to setup? I do have loopback set to true to eliminate the one server sending back to itself but in the cluster it doesn't help.