#5 Metadata in XML file + GUI dialog for creating plugins


Put all metadate in a XML file and make a GUI dialog for creating plugins.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<name>Name of the Plugin (Program name)</name>
<description>Description of the Program</description>
<category>Some type of categorization system useful when looking at plugins in UBCD Creator.</category>
<isolinux>Add the isolinux entry that has to be added or created. Or at least the KERNEL and APPEND command. </isolinux>
<configfile>specify the config file to which the program must be added</configfile>
<license>"oss" or "commercial" Determines distribution of the program</license>
<get_type>"url" or "filesystem" Determines if the files should be gotten from the web or the local filesystem.</get_type>
<get_url>Full URL of the program's location</get_url>
<extract>YES / NO ( 1 / 0 )</extract>
<file path="/some/file/at/location/in/the/extracted/archive/">
<copypath>Path on the UBCD iso, to which this file should be copied.</copypath>
<file path="/some/file/at/another/location/in/the/extracted/archive/">
<copypath>Path on the UBCD iso, to which this file should be copied.</copypath>

See https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=2301288&forum_id=867228 for more information about some parameters that are used here.

You can add additional parameters in the xml file, so that you don't need the bash script anymore. In most cases you need only to copy files.

Make a GUI dialog that makes it possible to just enter the necessary information and that creates the xml file by itself.


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