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Patch file for UBCD V4.1.0

The first patch file for UBCD V4.1.0 has just been released. It fixes two problems: 1) error in DFT's disk image filename 2) errors in the DOS boot disk menu.


Posted by Victor Chew 2007-05-10

UBCD V4.1.0 is released!

UBCD V4.1.0 is now available for download. Besides the usual updates of existing
apps and virus signatures, the main DOS boot disk has been changed to FreeDOS
(previously it was LZ-DOS) for greater compatibility. For the full details of
this release, please refer to Version History.


Posted by Victor Chew 2007-05-09

Changes to UBCD web forum

I have finally bitten the bullet and upgraded the web forum to the latest version of phpBB, dropping the m2f module in the process. The m2f module makes pretty deep modifications to phpBB's core, which makes it more difficult to update phpBB regularly. By dropping m2f, I hope I can keep phpBB more up-to-date.

What does all this mean to you? It means you will no longer be able to subscribe or interact with the web forum via email. Very few people do that any way, so if you are currently not using the web forum's email function, you can ignore this message. However, if you are currently subscribed to the web forum via email, I would suggest that you switch to tracking the web forum via RSS feeds.... read more

Posted by Victor Chew 2007-04-08

Patch file for UBCD V4.0.3

The third patch file has been released. Some unnecessary files are removed under
\dosapps\mcafee in order to increase the amount of free RAM disk space so that
ubcdvir can run successfully for McAfee Antivirus.

You can find the patch file and instructions at:


Posted by Victor Chew 2007-04-04

Patch file for UBCD V4.0.2

The second patch file has been released. It increases the default RAM disk size on DOSUBCD.IGZ so that updating F-Prot's virus definition files through autovir or ubcdvir can complete successfully without running out of disk space.

You can find the patch file and instructions at:


Posted by Victor Chew 2007-03-29

Binary patches for UBCD

I will be releasing binary patches to fix bugs in the original UBCD ISO image. This allows me to issue updates faster because the patch files are typically quite small, so I can afford to host them myself instead of propagating the changes to the mirrors, which takes a lot of coordination and time.

The first patch file has just been released. It updates memdisk to a more current version that is reported to work better at booting Ghost.... read more

Posted by Victor Chew 2007-03-17

UBCD V4.0 is released!

For better or for worse, I am making UBCD V4.0 available for download today after a short beta test.

This released is based on syslinux/isolinux instead of CDShell. I am abandoning the latter due to its lack of further development, while syslinux/isolinux is still undergoing active development, so there is a better chance that syslinux/isolinux will work with newer machines.

There is also experimental support for running UBCD from a USB memory stick via a modified version of the UBCD2USB script, which has lurked around in the forum for quite a while now.... read more

Posted by Victor Chew 2007-03-13

Help required for testing

I am considering making the new boot disk based on LZ-DOS (Russian MS-DOS 7.10 compatible kernel with LFN-support) default for the next release of UBCD, instead of the current one based on FreeDOS.

According to Erwin, the maintainer for the DOS boot disks for UBCD, the LZ-DOS boot disk has "sharper" memory properties and hence should be better for running DOS apps.

If you would like to help with the testing, you can download a minimal boot CD at:... read more

Posted by Victor Chew 2006-09-28

Another bug report for V3.4

Another bug report for V3.4. The launch commands for NWDSK and MSRRC are mixed up. Please refer to:


for more information.

A patch file is available to fix it, but you must be able to create a customized UBCD ISO image. Thanks to kustner for reporting the bug.

Posted by Victor Chew 2006-02-28

First bug report for V3.4

First bug report for V3.4. Please refer to Bugs and Workarounds:


for more information. If this affects you, a patch file is available to fix it, but you must be able to create a customized UBCD ISO image. Thanks to Erwin Veermans for reporting the bug.

Posted by Victor Chew 2006-02-16

UBCD V3.4 is released!

After a long gap, Ultimate Boot CD Ver 3.4 is finally ready for download!


There is the usual update of apps to their latest versions. Erwin Veermans has
added a new feature on the FreeDOS bootdisk that allows you to update the virus
database for F-Prot, McAfee and AVG over the network. A new expert mode has also
been added (by pressing the [Ins] key at the menus) that allows you to choose
which boot disk (FreeDOS, OpenDOS or MSDOS) to use when running certain apps if
you encounter compatibility issues.... read more

Posted by Victor Chew 2006-02-15

BitTorrent downloads available

Stephen Stagg has kindly set up a BitTorrent tracker for UBCD. As such, I have added the BitTorrent seeds back to the download page.

Posted by Victor Chew 2006-01-13

Web forums mailing list is working again

The mailing list function of the web forums stopped working around two weeks back due to some server misconfiguration. I have fixed it this morning, so the few of you who are subscribed will start receiving forum postings again. Sorry about that. I will go through the forum postings I have missed and reply as necessary.

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-12-02

Torrent download disabled

I am back at working on the next release of UBCD, in case you are wondering. I had to move to another apartment last week, and that did mess up my daily routine somewhat, but worse, my new place does not have always-on connectivity. So I have to remove the torrent downloads since I am no longer able to run the tracker. As always, I can't seem to find a reliable public tracker to use, so the torrent downloads stays down unless you have better ideas.

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-12-02

Busy with work

I must apologise for not being too responsive with emails and forum postings over the past two weeks. The reason is because I was assigned to a "special" project at work which was supposed to take only one week, but now looks like it is going to take a month instead. This project has been sapping up all my energy and time, leaving me with little else to attend to other matters. But once this is over and done with, I promise I will be back to more important things, like releasing another version of UBCD!

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-09-16

Should I use old CDShell for UBCD 3.4?

I am debating whether to revert back to CDShell V2.0.11 (the version used in UBCD V3.2) for the next version of UBCD. The reason why I am considering is because there is a problem with CDShell V2.1.6 which prevents it from booting on some machines. The author knows about it and has encountered it himself, but there is no newer version to fix it yet, nor are any definite schedule to do so.

But going back would mean big changes again to the menu files (mainly the syntax for bcdw booting and parameter passing), as well as the loss of certain functions (booting of certain ISO images from diskemu).... read more

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-08-18

New tutorial available

I have written a new tutorial (http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/pm8.html) on how to add the Partition Magic 8 rescue disks to the UBCD. Your comments and feedback are welcomed. Meanwhile, a reminder that the tutorial section is still wide open for more contributions. Anything from adding applications to the UBCD, or how to use particular apps on the UBCD for system recovery etc. will be great!

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-05-25

mkisofs updated to Ver 2.01

I have updated the version of mkisofs on the Customizing UBCD page (http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/customize.html) to Ver 2.01. This version does not have any dependency on cygwin.dll, so I have updated the customization instructions to reflect it. Thanks to Techarium for the suggestion.

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-05-06

Ultimate Boot CD V3.3 is released!

I am pleased to announce the release of Ultimate Boot CD Ver 3.3! This release is based on the new CDShell V2.1.6 and BCDW V2.0a1. It adds AVG Free Edition, CHZ Monitor-Test, Necromancer's DOS Navigator, GRUB, Eraser, FileLink, QwikTest and D-Browse. It updates various other applications to their latest releases, and refreshes the virus definition files. Please refer to the release history for details. At the moment, only the BitTorrent and PlanetMirror sources are up, but more mirrors should become available shortly.

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-04-29

New tutorial section

I have created a new tutorial section:


to consolidate all the contributed tutorials. Meanwhile, if you have some spare time, why not write up a new tutorial for the benefit of all? Anything regarding burning, using or adding stuff to the UBCD is fair game.

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-04-01

UBCD tracker to move

My webhost is not too happy with people running PHP-based trackers (they consume too much CPU and bandwidth) and has sent a cease-and-desist warning email. So I am transiting the tracker over to my home machine. The torrent files have been updated to point to the new tracker location, but I will leave the PHP tracker running for a few more days before taking it offline. Meanwhile, if you hit any problems with the new tracker, please let me know.

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-03-18

Web-based forums officially open for business!

The web-based forums (http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/forums) are now officially open for business, and will be used in the future for obtaining support, reporting bugs and suggesting software to be added to the UBCD. They will replace the existing ubcd-support and ubcd-suggestions mailing lists (but not ubcd-announce, which will continue to operate as is).

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-03-11

Back from vacation

I am back! Please be patient and give me some time to clear the emails in my inbox. Thanks!

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-03-07

On vacation

I will be going for a well-needed vacation for the whole of next week. Should you send me any email during this period, please expect some significant delay in my reply because I may be on the road, or I may not have Internet access at where I am staying at that time. In addition, I will not be able to update the website while I am gone, so all update requests will have to wait until I am back. Thanks for your kind understanding!

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-02-25

Primary mirrors are up

OK, the three primary mirrors are up. Let the download frenzy begin!

Posted by Victor Chew 2005-01-21

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