UBCD V5.0 is available for download

After numerous false starts and even more betas, UBCD V5.0 is finally out. This release involves a major reorganization to the directory structure to achieve better isolation of UBCD-related files, as well as the addition/updates/removal of many apps in UBCD. It also includes Parted Magic for more reliable access to NTFS filesystems and USB storage devices.

This new release would not be possible without the contribution of as702, who single-handedly remade the UBCD FreeDOS boot disk, and IceCube, who spearheaded grub4dos integration, antivirus database updates scripts, additional Parted Magic modules and contributed in many other areas. My thanks also go out to neoy, who made a sparkling new logo, icon and button for the project. So go ahead and download the new version!


Posted by Victor Chew 2013-04-29

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