writing images from CD to floppy-disks

  • Adrian Stanciu

    Adrian Stanciu - 2004-06-01


    If I remember correctly some people requested the feature to be able to write the floppy-images contained in UBCD on floppy disks.

    What is the state of this, is anybody working on it?

    I can build yet-another-boot-image with a small program/script that will present you a nice menu with images from UBCD and let you choose what you want to write on floppy.
    Since I don’t know how well SCSI CDROMS are supported under dos, I’ll try to make two disks: one dos-based another linux-based (my favorite:) and we'll pick the one that works best.

    BTW, here are a few instructions on how you can write the floppy images IF you have already a working computer with Linux/Windows:

    a. Linux
    Mount the cdrom (usually: mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom)
    change directory to cdrom
    change directory to images
    use: dd if=<image_you_want> of=/dev/fd0

    b. Windows
    - get rawwritewin from here:
    - or if you don't have a zip-decompressor, get those two files and place them in the same directory:
    http://ftp.iasi.roedu.net/mirrors/ftp.mandrake.com/official/10.0/i586/dosuti ls/rawwritewin.exe
    http://ftp.iasi.roedu.net/mirrors/ftp.mandrake.com/official/10.0/i586/dosuti ls/diskio.dll
    - Use rawritewin.exe to write your images.

    BTW, rawrite for win/dos can be put on UBCD, a lot of Linux Distributions have it on their CDs.


    • Victor Chew

      Victor Chew - 2004-06-02

      That sounds interesting! Mind sending me your program/script (victor@ultimatebootcd.com) so that I can play with it?


      • Adrian Stanciu

        Adrian Stanciu - 2004-06-02

        will have to write it first :)


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