Problem adding knoppix

  • george

    george - 2004-12-05

    I saw the howto on adding Knoppix to ubcd but even though I followed all instructions I was unable to make it boot porperly. I tested the iso file on QEmu prior to burning it on a CD. The message I get is that it was not found the knoppix file on any device though it is in the /ubcd root directory. It's the same trouble I have when I use the Easy Boot software.
    Any suggestions?

    • Adrian Stanciu

      Adrian Stanciu - 2004-12-06

      What does "/ubcd root directory" really means?
      Is it the root directory of the cdrom, or is it the /ubcd directory. Root directory means /

      Also make sure the knoppix file has the prope case. Windows does not care about case, linux does.

    • Charles Appel

      Charles Appel - 2004-12-06

      If you're adding Knoppix (and not Insert which is found in UBCD Full), you must have a
      /KNOPPIX directory with the KNOPPIX file in that.  If you're following the directions found here: ,Method 2, you should already have a /KNOPPIX directory.

      If you're still having problems, please post the following:
      1) Version of Knoppix you're running
      2) The CDShell line you're using  to launch Knoppix.

    • george

      george - 2004-12-07

      Yes, I already have the \KNOPPIX\KNOPPIX on \UBCD.
      It is just like \UBCD\KNOPPIX\KNOPPIX. The version of UBCD I'm using is 2.x and there's no cdshell.ini nor a \boot. But I tried to the method one on and it didnt work. I couldn't test method 2 because there's no isolinux on this version of ubcd.
      I named /ubcd root the directory on which I extract ubcd files from ubcd.iso. In my computer this "/ubcd root" is c:\ubcd. I'm runnig windows so there's no way to make a /KNOPPIX. Is this a problem? Should I try to build the iso in linux system?

      • Charles Appel

        Charles Appel - 2004-12-07

        C:\ubcd (extracted contents of UBCD)
        C:\KNOPPIX (extractedc contents of Knoppix) *
        * This could also be CDROM:\

        Do the following from a command line:
        xcopy c:\knoppix\*.* c:\ubcd /s

        You will now have the following:
        (a few more directories)

        \isolinux should come with knoppix.
        The \ / buiness between Win and Linux is not
        an issue for what you're trying to accomplish.

        This is just a guess; I don't have a FAT partition to check this out on, but if your Win partition is not NTFS you may not be creating the KNOPPIX directory in uppercase.  This I believe is a requirment.  You might need to "inject" the contents of a knoppix CD using a program like WinImage, WinISO, UltraISO, etc.


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