Anonymous - 2004-11-08

OK bear with me here. I am trying to customize the ultimate CD adding Ghost and the Windows 98 startup disk.

The instructions leave me a bit bewildered.

I have extracted the downloaded UBCD.iso to a directory (D:\Computer\Utilities\XP Tweaks\Boot CD) using ISO Buster. The extraction went fine. I then used "Floppy Image.exe" to make Image Files of Ghost and the Windows 98 Startup Boot Disk. I put the two Image files (.img)  in the Boot\Images folder as instructed. No problems so far.

I'm stymied on a couple of things now.

Your instructions on where to put the "mkisofs.exe" and the "cygwin1.dll" are confusing. You say to put them in the Windows\System32 folder? Is that right? I was a bit leary of doing that so just put them into the above folder where I extracted the UBCD to. Is that all wrong or what?

The instructions on how to modify the Boot\Images\scn folders, are also way over my head. I opened up a few of those files to try to get an idea of what to do but still come away without the faintest idea on how to modify it to include those two .img files I have created. You say to refer to the CDShell Documentation link for further details but that link doesn't work.

Just for the hell of it, I tried to use that command line to make a new UBCD.iso without modifying those scn files (just to see if it would work).

The command line showed as follows:

D:\Computer\Utilities\XP Tweaks\Boot CD>

I then just added your command line so it now showed as this:

D:\Computer\Utilities\XP Tweaks\Boot CD>mkisofs -N -J -r -o /ubcd.iso -b boot/loader.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 .

After hitting "enter" I then get a message saying something like this doesn't fit the ISO 9660 protocol but it then makes the ubcd.iso file anyway in the D Drive (D:\ubcd.iso).

I then burn that .iso and it boots fine but of course doesn't have any links to the image files I made. So I would really like to hear from someone on how to do this. Thanks.