Anyone has built the library in x64 platform?

  • Xiaozhou Wei

    Xiaozhou Wei - 2011-04-22

    I try to build it on x64 platform but was not successful. If anyone has done it could you provide some guide?
    The env used by me is Windows 7 and Vs2008.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Michail Vidiassov

    I built it on linux and Mac 64 bit, but I used repackaged and slightly patched sources.
    Did not try Windows 64.
    Do you use original Intel build tools?
    Did you read the thread "64 bit support on Windows"?
    Did you try to contact people who posted there?

    Is describing your build failure in some detail an option?
    (If you'd not be punished severely for revealing business secrets
    or wasting work time if you do that.)

  • Xiaozhou Wei

    Xiaozhou Wei - 2011-04-25

    Hi Michail , thank you very much for point me to the correct direction. I was using the 061228 package, with repackaged 1.4.1 and CMake it is much easier.
    The setup I have is Win7 x64 + VS2008 +CMake2.8. I am not using intel build tools. The build failures I have having now for x64 build is mainly  "__asm" keyword not supported in x64.

  • Michail Vidiassov

    >  The build failures I have having now for x64 build is mainly  "__asm" keyword not supported in x64.

    then modify #if conditions in IFXHistogramDynamic.cpp and IFXHistogramDynamic.h to avoid compilation
    of SSE and MMX code if compiled by MSVC 64bit, also change Win32 IFXOSUtilities.cpp along the lines
    of Linux and Mac versions of the same file (or simply hard-code that CPU lacks capabilities for assembler optimization).
    Asm code is not required for the library.

    BTW, what is defined by MSVC to tell the code it is compiled as 64 bit?

  • Xiaozhou Wei

    Xiaozhou Wei - 2011-04-25

    To build x64 first I changed the platform to be x64 in configuration manager, in VS2008, the Configuration Properties->Linker->Advanced will show target machine as MachineX64(/MACHINE:X64).

    • dotorimook

      dotorimook - 2013-05-29

      I want to know if you succeed build on Windows x64.
      If you succeed, please let me know how to build on x64/vs2008.
      I encountered same error, the 'asm' error, building with x64 platform.


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