F32 vs F64

  • Pat Stevenson

    Pat Stevenson - 2010-08-03

    I have noticed in the ECMA spec that there is an F64 data type, but the sample software doesn't have much support for this.  I'm creating an AuthorMesh that needs to use F64 data types, not F32 data types.  I know this is a support forum, not a developer forum but is there any more active development in this?  Is anybody working on enhancements like this that they are willing to share?


  • Michail Vidiassov

    The big question is if an enhancement will be supported by Adobe 3D viewer.
    U3D spec is not completely implemented by Adobe.
    In general development has been shifted to PRC.
    There is an open PRC spec, Adobe owned PRC development team till this summer.
    it is going to become ISO standard, and uncompressed tessellations are well described in it
    (I has been able to make a rude implementation following them). Did not try compressed tessellations yet.
    Plus you can use NURBS in PRC.

  • Pat Stevenson

    Pat Stevenson - 2010-08-04

    I also looked at Adobe and tried to find the PRC spec, but couldn't.  Could you post a link to it?  I've found a workaround for my F32 problem, so have found some closure to this topic.


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