Reusing resources

  • dotorimook

    dotorimook - 2013-07-02


    Is it possible to reuse model resources like positions and normal?

    What I actually want to do is reusing model data (positions, face positions, normals, face noramals) so that I can show models in different textures and minimize the file size.

    Is that possible?


  • Michail Vidiassov

    It is possible to reuse all model resources (positions, face positions, normals, face noramals AND texture coordinates), but, at least at IDTF level, I do not know how to reuse just some (coordinates but not texture coordinates).
    There is an IDTF example where the same figure (stored once) is shown in different positions and colors.

    • dotorimook

      dotorimook - 2013-07-22

      Do you know how to sharing same positions, face positions, normals, face normals, material texture, but different texture coordinates?

      In helloWorld example, IFXAuthorCLODMesh's positions, face positions, normals, face normals, mateiral texture, and texture coordinates are set all together before resource compile.

      I wonder if using only different texture coordinates and sharing any other resource is possible becuase IDTFConverter is using different class, IFXAuthorMesh.

      If you know, please let me know how to..


  • dotorimook

    dotorimook - 2013-07-12

    I found the functions of SetResourceIndex() and GetModifierChain() in IFXModel is the clue.

    Using SetResourceIndex() and GetModifierChain(), we can set the models' resource to the model resource we made before.


  • dotorimook

    dotorimook - 2013-07-22

    Anyone know how to set different texture coordinate, using same resource of positions, face positions, normals, and face normals?


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