U3D loads slow inside pdf file

  • Xiaozhou Wei

    Xiaozhou Wei - 2011-05-24

    I have created some u3d files using this library and inserted them into pdf files ( insert into tex file and then use pdflatex to convert). The mesh looks great however it took very long to see the 3D objects after you open the pdf file.
    U3D file I created normally have between 20k to 100k faces. The pdf file size is about 2M to 8M and the loading may take over 20 seconds for the largest model. When I use another tool to create pdf on exact the same model, the pdf file size become much big, like 20M, however the loading only took 2 to 3 seconds.
    I am wondering is there any setup or config I should do while creating the U3D file, so it could be loaded faster?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Michail Vidiassov

    Telepathy boosting drugs are not commercially available just now,
    so without showing the files you do not have much chance to get quality help.
    There may be other reasons to rendering speed change, not only differences in compression.
    Are you sure the other tool does not use proprietary compression in U3D and that it produces U3D, not PRC?
    Did you play with compression level in Intel library?

    And since you have problems with Adobe viewer (did you try Intel sample viewer?),
    it may be a good idea to ask the same question at Adobe Acrobat 3D forum.
    May be Adobe gurus are able to guess the version of Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) you use without you telling that explicitly.
    But mere mortals here lack that capability.

  • Xiaozhou Wei

    Xiaozhou Wei - 2011-05-24

    Thanks for the prompt reply! And it's my bad for not providing all the details before asking.
    The tool I used is called 3D-Tool, got it from here http://www.3d-tool.de
    For the exactly same mesh, two files were created, in U3D and STL respectively. Opened the STL file using 3D-Tool and then created PDF.
    For viewer, I used both Adobe Reader X reader and pro, they showed the same performance.
    If possible I would be happy to send you the sample U3D and PDF files. I haven't play with compression level or intel sample viewer yet but will do.

  • Michail Vidiassov

    > I would be happy to send you the sample U3D and PDF files

    I am master at iaas.msu.ru


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