Problem with IDTF converter

  • Neal Josephson

    Neal Josephson - 2011-09-19

    I'm just trying to run the IDTF converter, after my own files failed I try the sample files (simpleBox.idtf) and get a similar error:
    U3D_A_061228_5\Source\Samples\IntermediateFormat\TestScenes>idtfconverter -dl 1 -input simpleBox.idtf -output simpleB

    Input file name = simpleBox.idtf
    Output file name = simpleBox.u3d
    Profile = 0
    Scaling factor = 1.000000
    Debug level = 1
    Position Quality = 300
    Texture Coordinate Quality = 300
    Normal Quality = 300
    Diffuse Color Quality = 300
    Specular Color  Quality = 300
    Geometry Default Quality = 300
    Texture Quality = 75
    Animation Quality = 1000
    Zero Area Faces Removal = ENABLED
    Zero Area Face Tolerance = 0.000012
    Exclude Normals = FALSE
    Export Option Flags = ffff
    Texture size limit = 0

    View Resources (1)              |       Done
    Light Resources (1)             |       Done
    Material Resources (3)          |||     Done
    Shader Resources (3)            |||     Done
    Model Resources (1)             |       Failed
    Exit code = 80002000

    This same error occurs with any file that I've tried - I'm using the stock distribution and the precompiled version (I haven't done my own rebuilt yet).

    Anyone else have this problem?  I really need to get this working.

    Many Many Thanks,

  • Michail Vidiassov

    Most likely IDTFConverter.exe (or IFXCore.dll) is unable to find plugins
    IFXExporting.dll, IFXImporting.dll, IFXScheduling.dll.

    Try to put IDTFConverter.exe and IFXCore.dll into the current working dir,
    and other dll's into Plugins subdir of the current working dir.

  • Neal Josephson

    Neal Josephson - 2011-09-19

    Sure enough - works fine now, many thanks!


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