Can U3D handle references?

  • Leo

    Leo - 2013-06-04


    I'm programming a STEP to U3D Converter.
    In the STEP File there can be references to an object of a model.
    1 object and 19 references to the object but all in the same scene (on different positions).

    Can U3D handle references like STEP ?

    Best Regards

  • Michail Vidiassov

    Yes, U3D can handle references.
    Not sure about similarity to STEP, never used it.
    Take a look at the box_2shaders.idtf example scene.
    One box shown in 2 positions in different colors.

  • Leo

    Leo - 2013-06-07

    I guess i right, that i can find a sample to create a reference in u3d in the idtf-converter sample?

  • Michail Vidiassov

    There are only 2 samples of C++ code - HelloWorld and IDTFConverter, so there is not that much choice.


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