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  • heat_pl

    heat_pl - 2011-04-10


    I'm having some problems using u3d files in pdf

    1. U3D file generated from IDTFConverter is looking nice in player but Reader X gives me parsing error.
    2. U3D files from web (famous laruna ex.) gives black screen in player.

    My question is that there has to be something done with u3d files to put them in pdf? I'm simply copying u3d file binary sequence into stream inside pdf. Always getting parse error. Adobe documentation doesn't say anything about some additional requirements, at least not in plain English.

    ps. up until now I found this u3d and pdf open standard a farce. I need basic functionality for my needs so I want to write most of the stuff by myself, but according to adobe best solution is to BUY their software and use it because they are the only ones that actually knows how u3d is parsed within  

  • Michail Vidiassov

    Please, provide more details.
    Reader is not expected to show raw u3d files.
    You need to wrap them into PDF first.
    On the other hand there were (and are) specific versions of Reader that failed to "parse" some kinds of U3D attachments that were OK for both older and newer versions of the Reader.
    Put online the problem PDF so we can try to open it and see if the problem is reproduced on different systems and versions.
    Also give the exact version of Reader and specify platform you use.
    Also try other versions  of Reader yourself.
    If some versions of Reader parse the model in PDF and some do not -
    complain and ask for help at Adobe forums first.
    Take a look at the following problem report as an example of
    1) existence of 3D parsing errors in some versions of Reader
    2) how to provide _detailed_ problem report
    3) how to investigate problem yourself before just crying "it does not work!"

    Intel U3D Player is rather basic.
    Most likely camera is not set correctly in U3D file and so you do not see the model.
    Or you are talking about Adobe player?

    While the 3D model file formats (U3D and PRC) are poorly documented, and how the data in them is  interpreted by Adobe  viewer is even less clear, embedding 3D models to PDF is described in PDF specs relatively well.
    What tools do you use to create PDF? Did you write you PDF output library yourself?

    BTW, there is option to create PRC models - look at Asymptote output and PRC output library it contains.
    It  may suite your _basic_ needs.

    BTW2, now the Adobe solution is not to buy _their_ software, but to buy from TechSoft 3D/Tetra 4D.

  • heat_pl

    heat_pl - 2011-04-11


    Link to some test pdf and u3d file

    As to rest of your reply. I've spent over 2 weeks trying before i post something. I've written my own pdf wrapper since it's relatively easy. IDTF->U3D->PDF suits my needs because models will be not complicated but with significant meta data attached.

    After all, I think that it's a good time to go and bother adobe inc forums for a while.

    Thanks for your reply and one last question: If you look and u3d stream inside pdf there's no "U3D" text at the beginning. Is there some kind of byte offset (I have not found this in docs, there;s only byteOffset var in script for adobe reader extendet or something).

  • Michail Vidiassov

    > If you look and u3d stream inside pdf there's no "U3D" text at the beginning.
    What files?
    In your test file you have it.
    My guess is that in your test.pdf the steam is specified as compressed  (/Filter /FlatDecode), while in fact it is not.

    >  I've written my own pdf wrapper
    Did you study source code examples of PDF writers?
    Or only some PDF files - without uncompressing them?
    Take a look at libharu and the example of u3d handling in it at http://libharu.org/wiki/Downloads/Contributed
    That code wraps your test.u3d in a pdf that shows OK (Reader 10.0.2, Mac OS X).
    What forces you to write your own pdf wrapper?

    PS. the example suggests that you may be interested in

  • heat_pl

    heat_pl - 2011-04-11

    MVID -> thank you very much for your help. It was all because /Filter /FlateDecode
    Now everything is ok. And everything is running ok.


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