Is it possible to put nodes of same name?

  • dotorimook

    dotorimook - 2013-07-02


    I know it is impossible to put the nodes of same name in the world node like this:

    └nodeName1 (x)

    However, is it possible to put the nodes of same name in different group node like this?
    │ └nodeName1
    └nodeName1 (?)

    please someone who know the answer let me know, thanks.

  • dotorimook

    dotorimook - 2013-07-02

    I think the answer is no, Unfortunately.

    I have to make a structure like this:

    ├Group A
    │ ├NodeName1
    │ ├NodeName2
    │ └NodeName3
    ├Group B
    │ ├NodeName1
    │ ├NodeName2
    │ └NodeName3
    ├Group C
    │ ├NodeName1
    │ ├NodeName2
    │ └NodeName3

    Group A,B,C have different name, and NodeName1 in Group A,B,C are same, NodeName2 in Group A,B,C are same, so forth..

    How can I do this?

  • Michail Vidiassov

    A wild guess - in PRC the node name displayed in model tree is just a part of the full node name (as can be accessed from JavaScript script). If you assign such numeric suffixes to node names in U3D they may be omitted in model tree display.

    Or try to rename nodes via JavaScript at model load.

    • dotorimook

      dotorimook - 2013-07-03
      1. Do you have any example or Could you tell me how to insert javascript code using libharu?
        I insert app.alert("hello",3); for test, but the javascript debugger says that app is undefined.
        this.getAnnots3D also doesn't work (it says this.getAnnots3D is not a function.)
        Do you know any solution?

      2. also, you said PRC... is there any PRC library for Windows?
        My development environment is Visual Studio 2008.


  • Michail Vidiassov

    also, you said PRC... is there any PRC library for Windows?

    Use the search, Luke!

    But my code does not handle lossy compression, so PRC models it produces may result in larger files compared to U3D.

    • dotorimook

      dotorimook - 2013-07-04

      Thank you. In fact I have found that thread already, and I checked Asymptote.

      BUT I have no idea how to make a solution on VS2008.

      I tried CMake but it said makelist not found.

      Do you have any idea?

  • Michail Vidiassov

    contains my work-in-progress copy of the code, with CMakeLists.txt

    there is just a handful of files, so you can statically compile them into your code by hand for now.

    If you like the PRC code and decide to distribute a non-GPL solution based on it, I guess we will have to make a shared library from it to satisfy LGPL.

    • dotorimook

      dotorimook - 2013-07-23

      You mentioned LGPL.. Is this PRC Code LGPL?
      Is this for free for commercial use?


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