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  • ams

    ams - 2008-06-04

    I'm am new to this software and also to Visual Studio, so I am having some problems using the HelloWorld source code.  Could some one tell me the step I need to take in order to get the code to build correctly?  Thanks in advance.

    • ams

      ams - 2008-06-04

      I have made some progress, I can get it to build now, but it won't produce the output.u3d file.  Using the debugger I have found that I am getting the error IFX_E_GUIDHASHMAP_ID_NOT_FOUND.  It happens during this call in HelloWorld.cpp:

      // Create mesh compiler that will create updates for progressive CLOD mesh
          if (IFXSUCCESS(result))
              result = IFXCreateComponent(CID_IFXAuthorGeomCompiler, IID_IFXAuthorGeomCompiler,

      Any ideas?

    • ams

      ams - 2008-06-06

      Disregard this, I found my answer in an earlier thread.

  • Leo

    Leo - 2013-05-15

    hi all,

    i'm new here and try to write a tool for u3d in visual basic .net, but i have some startproblems.
    I work with the HelloWorld as how to program u3d, because the u3d.chm does not work.
    I downloaded the u3d zip-file more then 3 times, but the it doesn't work and i havn't found the same problem in this forum.

    My problem is, that i don't know how to get pointer in visual basic for the IFXCreateComponent.
    What does (void**)&pComponent mean? A Pointer of a Pointer to the Memoryaddress of the Object?

    Is there a chance to compile the IFX libaries as valid COM-libaries so I can import them easy into my project?

    best regards

  • Michail Vidiassov

    You may use my repack and ask cmake to prepare a Visual Studio solution for libraries and HelloWorld.

    But that will not give you "valid COM-libraries", just a familiar look into the code.
    BTW, if your aims are not ambitious, you may try to use IDTF intermediate format and standalone IDTFConverter.


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