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We're dead!

I think it's time to throw in the towel on this guy. The U3 "standard" (such as it was) never really caught on, and it looks as if Autorun is probably going the way of the dodo. Either way, this code is way out-of-date, windows-centric (which I no longer use), and is a hacky-fix that involves hijacking and hacking yet ANOTHER hacky-fix (U3). If anyone wants to pick up this program, update it and run with it, let me know, and perhaps we can resurrect it.

Posted by Andy Walker 2009-05-06

Version 0.9.2 Released.

Another couple of minor bugfixes.

-One bugfix addressed the possible situation of having an ini that featured eject, yet didn't point to a proper .exe. In this case, it is possible that the drive would simply eject immediately after it was inserted.

-I also added a 1-second delay prior to drive ejection to give the system time to clean up any handlers still open on the drive. Occasionally, while under high load, I would receive "X:\ does not exist or has been removed"-type errors when my system was under high load. This delay should rectify that in most situations.

Posted by Andy Walker 2006-10-17

Version 0.9.1 Released

This is a bugfix release. There was a problem with the way CreateFile() was being called that made the new .tmp file read-only, thus preventing it from deleting itself.

Please update your u3-autorun to the newest versions.

In order to delete these files, you'll need to go to Documents and Settings/<username>/Local Settings/Temp and issue "attrib -r *.*" and then "del Del*.tmp". That should clean them out.

Posted by Andy Walker 2006-10-15

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