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0.2 Alpha 1

New releasing plan begin today!

In this next release I'll try to create more compatibility with non-quite mode, and to improve progressbar visualizzation.

Posted by Embrace 2007-06-29


I'm still not able to use CVS repository to manage sources, and i obviosly can not upload a source package for each release, even because they are quite similar each to the other. So i'll simply move the old source package to the newer release.

For 0.1 Version (who is now stable) i'll leave te source package in the 0.1 stable version, moving it from the RC1.

I hope to understand how to put sources in CVS soon.

Posted by Embrace 2007-01-29

0.1 Stable - PPC

We finally reach a stable version for this first part of the project. The package seems quite stable and i believe i can go on with project and start the 0.2 version. As i said i'll try to add effects different from the bars.

I also would like to thank Divilinux, from ubuntu-it community who helped me compiling the PPC version of 0.1 stable.

As i can not ask him or others to compile the package for me each time, i'll release the PPC version just for each stable release.

Posted by Embrace 2007-01-29

Going to stable - PPC

I believe in a couple of days we'll be ready for the stable 0.1.
In stable version i'll add a ppc version to support also this architecture.

Posted by Embrace 2007-01-28

0.1 RC 1 and SourceForge

0.1 Rc 1 Has been released, and all bugs seems fixed. Also we got this new splendid house for the project!

Posted by Embrace 2007-01-24